There is no Planet B

We want to share with you all the information you need to know,
To prevent this:


Without causing this:

Plastic Bottles

We all want to have clean water to drink, and when you’re travelling that doesn’t change.

Unsurprisingly many times our solution is to buy water in bottles, but this is harmful for the environment. Many countries don’t have modern recycling factories, so it is imperative to try and reduce our waste. It is painful to think where does it go, when we throw. Piles of plastic on the side of river, a plastic waterfall

So we want to help all of us avoid this and get Pure Water with Zero Waste – it’s possible.

On this site you will find how to Purify Your Own water on the go, using Filters, Chemicals, Ultra-Violet rays and the Ozone!

Also you can check out our growing list of places to Refill your Bottle when you’re on the road.

If you know of a place we haven’t mentioned yet, or a purification method that works for you, don’t keep it to yourself; get in touch or leave a comment, and we’ll update this site.
Let’s pool our resources to stay healthy in our bodies and with peace in our hearts and minds.

Enjoy having a look around here, and enjoy your time on the road!

(Thanks to for creative commons images)

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